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2011ConroyHorizonConnect_MThumbHorizon Connect™

Horizon Connect™ ensures that insight influences customer interactions in real time.  Whether in the call centre, online, on smart phones or via face to face appointments, Connect will provide front line staff or content management systems with the information that empowers them to talk about the right content and make the right offers to individual customers based on everything we know about them both from data built up before the interaction and knowledge gained during the interaction.

Horizon Connect™ is not just a decision making tool for individual interactions on inbound channels.  It’s real time reporting interface allows channel managers to view the total amount of value given away or product shipped over time and make decisions as they go that increase or reduce the number of customers that receive a certain offer.  With Horizon Connect™, the control really lies with you to dynamically manage the business.

An additional module, Horizon Connect +™, goes a step further with the decision making dashboard.  Based on financial information about your business and on the profile of customers making inbound contact we will show the profit optimal level for value giveaways.  This allows managers to regulate their offer making decisions to get as close to optimal as possible.

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